Pound Yam



Pounded yam is one of the many yam recipes in Nigeria. It’s far, very delicious, and additionally trendy. I like its quality when it’s miles served with egusi soup.

Most folks out of doors the shorelines of Nigeria are but to grasp the concept behind pounding yam completely.

On this page, I want to tell you everything you will need to recognize this recipe as well as how to put together pounded yam.

There are many Nigerians that can’t do without pounded yam really because it’s miles an integral part of the food eaten in Nigeria.

Pounded yam

If you are new to Nigerian ingredients, I am going to help you apprehend what’s pounded yam with a straightforward definition down the page.

Other Yam Recipes From Nigeria

Over the beyond few days, I have targeted more on one-of-a-kind Nigerian yam recipes, and I started with the aid of suggesting the specific approaches to turn a tuber of yam into a delicious meal.

I started with porridge yam and then delved into other recipes like pepper soup yam, How To Make Tomato Sauce.

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Pounded yam in a simple definition is genuinely boiled white yam that has gone through the system of pounding.

There are other simple approaches to attain this recipe; people have been able to synthesis the technique and taken away the “pounding.”

They have been capable of produce yam flour that takes approximately ten minutes of stirring overheat to provide pounded yam.

That is simply one manner to put together these meals even though most humans stick with the old traditional way of pounding boiled yam.

In this case, however, you will be delighted with which you are dealing with 100% yam.

Besides, it is a lot less expensive if you decide to pound the yam yourself instead of buying packed yam flour.

What You Need For Pounded Yam

  • Tubers of yamMortar
  • Pestle
  • Cooking pot
  • Water
  • A kitchen Knife


If you have got all the above-listed objects already, then we are prepared for the education of pounded yam.

Step 1 Go beforehand and peel off the brown outer layer of the yam, slice and wash the white component with plenty of natural water.

Sliced raw yams

Transfer into a cooking pot and start cooking with little water. Be positive that the sliced yam entirely submerged in water.

Step 2 Cook for ten to fifteen minutes, then check to see if the yams are smooth sufficient for pounding, you may test with a kitchen fork by way of the piercing. Once the yams are soft enough for pounding, you are ready for the pounding component. Be positive that the water isn’t always wholly dried due to the fact you will need it while pounding the yam.

Sometimes the yam gets very strong at some point of pounding that you’ll be wanting to feature a little water while pounding. You could use everyday water; however, the water left after cooking the yam is maximumly suitable.

How To Pound Yam

Step 3 Pick with a fork and transfer into a mortar then go in advance and pound with a pestle, pound until the yam is seedless, you may put a little water and pound until you’ve got a smooth

pounded yam.
Yams in mortarPounding yam

You need to recognize that the yam used for the instruction of pounded yam needs to have stayed for as a minimum three months at the surface, we don’t use newly harvested yams for the preparation of beaten.

Step 4 Pounded yam in Nigeria are eating alone as a path meal; however, paired with a plate of Nigerian soups, it goes exceptional with egusi or bitter leaf soup.
Pound Yam
Pounded yam is a type of swallow in Nigeria. Other swallows include eba, fuff, and tuwo shinkafa.

I am but to determine out a manner to keep this food over twenty-four hours. So simply pound most effective what you could consume inside 12 hours