Porridge Yam

Porridge Yam

Yam porridge is one of the most accessible and most popular Nigerian foods.
Several humans have made porridge yams the use of exceptional recipes – a few are comfortable at the same time as the relaxation is not. One of the benefits of this precise recipe is that all of us can follow it to get exactly what you’re seeing below

It is the ordinary porridge yam you’re making in your house with fresh tomatoes, pepper, salt, etc.

Fresh tomatoes in pottage!

The average Nigerian doesn’t use sparkling tomatoes. Still, if you need to get something that looks merely yummy and inviting, the kind you most straightforward see at five-star restaurants and eateries, then you need tomato paste.

Several yam recipes exist in Nigeria across the various tribes and ethnic groups that live in Nigeria. Over a previous couple of years, I have tried several of them and loving it so far.

Recently, I made yamarita, a popular Hausa recipe. I am sure you’re going to love it. Yamirita is simply fried egg-lined yams.

Today, however, we will be that specialize in yam porridge.

Yam is one of the essential staple ingredients in Nigeria.

The Ingredients for six persons include.

  • A tuber of yam (peel and slice to serve-able sizes).
  • Half cup of ground crayfish
  • Two seasoning cubes.
  • 100 ml of palm oil.
  • 300ml Ground fresh tomatoes
  • Ground clean Peppers
  • 1 cup of Sliced Onions


This yam porridge can sincerely be made in only 20 minutes once you have got all the ingredients prepared.

Peel off the bark of the yam, slice to serve-able sizes, wash, and set aside. Also slice or grind the tomatoes, fresh pepper, and a cup of crayfish. I use lots of onions at the same time as making most ingredients, only for its fitness benefits.
Sliced Yams Below
Sliced Yams

How to Make Porridge Yam

Pour 150ml of palm oil into a cooking pot, allow to heat and bleach a little (about two mins). Add 1/2 of the sliced onions. Pour in the floor tomatoes/peppers.

Frying Onions

Frying Onions

Fry the ground tomatoes/pepper and onions for 5 to ten mins, add water, and transfer the sliced yams. Add water so that the yam portions are almost submerged in water (however not completely submerged). Allow boiling, then add crayfish, a seasoning cube, salt, and permit to prepare dinner for the next ten mins.

Cooking yam porridge

Cover and permit to cook for another five minutes.

You can pierce with a cooking fork to recognize if the yam is soft enough for consumption. You can add vegetable, and it’s miles very first-class for porridge yam even though I left it out yet as making the delicious recipe above.

Cook for another three to 5 mins, and you simply made my preferred yam porridge.

Stir all together, preserve stirring until it thickens.

Here is a plate of Nigerian porridge yam, that is the most famous recipe in our home. We love vegetables!

So while you don’t see vegetables introduced in the yam porridge you purchase from eateries and restaurants, you may add them while you make it in your very own kitchen.

If you delivered vegetables (3 cups of sliced ugu leaves fluted pumpkin), this is what you get.

Porridge Yam