Hepatitis: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention!

Hepatitis is the type of infection that causes (swelling) withinside the liver. It is a common clinical situation in Nigeria. It is transmitted via sexually in addition to via blood transfusion. It may be averted through Vaccination. The Hepatitis Vaccine turned into delivered into the NPI in 2004.

They are exceptional kinds of Hepatitis, along with Acute or Chronic Hepatitis.

Causes of Hepatitis

This infection or swelling withinside the liver may be as a result of a number of things along with;


commonly as a result of viruses referred to as Hepatitis viruses. They are five common types (A-E). They are different viral & non-viral reasons, however those are the maximum important.


Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause some liver diseases, one in all of them being hepatitis.


medicinal drug abuse is speedy turning into one of the most common reasons for hepatitis. Paracetamol is one of the most common pills of abuse.
The liver is accountable for the elimination of medicine from the body, and abuse of medicine reasons poisoning which ends up in liver damage. Herbal medicines in our surroundings are some other causes.


an instance is determined in Mushroom, aflatoxin (visible in rotten groundnuts). Other reasons are; Metabolic, Autoimmune, Radiation.

Hepatotropic viruses

These are viruses that basically have an effect on the liver however can contain many different organs

Hepatitis A virus (HAV): Transmission is thru the mouth, from foods.

Hepatitis B virus (HBV): This is the worst of the Hepatitis viruses. Transmission is thru the blood (transfusions, sharing sharp objects, tattoos, etc), sexually & from mom to infant at some stage in delivery.

Hepatitis C virus (HCV): Transmission is much like that of HBV.

Hepatitis D virus (HDV): commonly transmitted with HBV.

Hepatitis E virus (HEV): Transmission is thru the mouth, especially waterborne.


Symptoms of Hepatitis

Individuals with infection (swelling) of the liver tissues might have;

Tiredness, nausea,
fever, joint ache, vomiting,
Abdominal ache or swelling.
Later: darkish urine, yellowing of the eyes, itching.


Anyone with feasible instances of Hepatitis needs to see a doctor. It is totally severe contamination and currently, there’s no cure, however the exact information is that it is straightforward to prevent. Treatment modalities include;

Remove offending agents (like alcohol, pills, etc) if feasible.
An adequate protein food plan is encouraged.
Avoid alcohol, sedatives, hypnotics,
IV fluids can be essential for individuals who are pretty ill.
Drugs: along with Antiviral agents (interferon, lamivudine, etc), Steriods, immunosuppressants (for autoimmune instances)

Prevention of Hepatitis

This includes:

Minimize alcoholic beverages
Proper screening of blood & blood merchandise earlier than transfusion
Use of sterile needles
Observe popular typical precautions in any respect times.
Avoid Unsafe sexual habits
Proper hygiene (oral)
Avoid using nearby natural concoctions
Immunization/Vaccination: towards the Hepatitis B virus. The Vaccine turned into delivered into the Nigerian National Programme of immunization (NPI) withinside the yr 2004. Hence, all of us born earlier than the yr 2004 need to undertaking to get examined and take the vaccine.
Spread the message & awareness.
Hepatitis is preventable.


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