Liver Disease: Yellowing of the Eyes, skin, mouth, Abdominal pains, or swellings are symptoms that are common in diseases of the liver. Other conditions that could give these manifestations are Severe Malaria, Sickle Cell Crisis, etc.

What is the liver?

The liver is an organ of the body that helps with cleaning harmful (toxic) things from the body. Just imagine the liver to be the broom, parker, mop, detergent of the house. Without it, dirty would kill you.

What Are The Functions Of The Liver?

The liver works like a factory and a cleaner. It does things like:

Production of Hormones and Proteins: important for the body to work. In fact, if the liver fails at childhood, a man would not be a man, instead, he would grow as a woman.
Storing of Food: The liver stores the food you eat as glucose, so you can have energy later.
Removing harmful things: like a waste product, drugs, and herbs. Without the liver, any drug you take would kill you instead of helping you. You need the liver (and kidney or lungs) to remove these drugs
The liver is a very important organ that we can not live without, but there are things we do that cause harm to our liver and give rise to LIVER DISEASE.


Liver Disease covers all the possible conditions that can cause the liver to stop working.

How do I know LIVER DISEASE?

A person with the liver disease would have signs like:

  • Yellow eyes, skin, mouth- this is known as Jaundice.
  • Abdominal pain, Swelling.
  • Tiredness
  • Severe weight loss
  • Feet swelling

A number of other conditions can also cause these signs, like Kidney problems, Cancer, etc. but they would also come with other manifestations.

liver disease

Example of LIVER DISEASES And Causes

Hepatitis: Can be caused by Unprotected sex, Shared needles/sharps. Also eating contaminated food. Read more on Hepatitis here.
Liver Cirrhosis: can be caused Long term alcohol consumption, Drug abuse, e.g: Paracetamol and herbal medications that do not have dosages.
Fatty Liver Disease: can be caused by Obesity.
Liver Tumors: Liver cancer, Liver adenoma, Bile duct cancer. etc

What do I do If I Suspect Liver Disease?

If untreated, can lead to liver failure which is life-threatening. This is worse as the person would need a new liver, which is difficult to achieve in our region.
Once you see any of these signs, take the person to the nearest hospital & see a doctor for tests, investigation, and treatments.


Yes, these diseases of the liver are preventable. To do this, we have to avoid/reduce the risk factors by;

  • Avoid or Drink alcohol in moderation
  • Practice safe sex: No sex without condoms. This would prevent the transmission of Hepatitis, as well as HIV.
  • Vaccination: This is available for Hepatitis.
  • Stop drug abuse
  • Stop sharing of sharp instruments: This is very important, especially for ladies who do manicure and pedicure, as well as guys who share clippers. Remember that HIV can also be transmitted through this means.
  • Say no to “Herbal Drug Self Medication”
  • Keep your food safe.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.

No matter how rich you are, “Prevention is always better than treatment of liver disease”

Be Safe!!!


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