There become a time when huge women are seen as beautiful and properly fed. Gone are those days. Obesity simply increases your possibilities of developing a lot of problems in life which include diabetes, hypertension and some other conditions.
This condition is rapidly growing in Nigeria, specifically amongst our women and younger ladies, and it’s turning into a cause for concern.
Its time you don’t forget dropping that weight. Continue reading to know how to.

What is Obesity?

Obesity sincerely means overweight. According to WHO, it refers to odd or immoderate fats accumulation that gives danger to health. In easy terms, it means that your body weight is excessive and too much to your height. Medically, obesity is defined as a Body Mass Index (BMI) >30. It has the capability to disastrous results for our health.


An Obese person at the right.

Causes of Obesity

Genetics/Family: It runs in the blood. It may be transmitted from mother and father to their children.
Lifestyle: The boom in the number of overweight persons may be attributed to the rise within the range of sugary drinks and high-fat snacks, as well as time spent watching television, and inversely with hours spent on sports and other physical activities.
Drugs: some medicinal drugs can cause weight problems. Example of those capsules is a few antidepressants, antidiabetic, and β-blockers.

Complications of weight problems (What Obesity can reason)

The list of things that can result in overweight is endless. They include:

Diabetesdiscount of frame weight and boom in physical exercise reduces the threat of kind 2 diabetes.
Hypertension: Obese individuals have a higher hazard of growing hypertension than non-overweight.
Liver disease: It will increase the chance of growing liver diseases like Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis or Cirrhosis.
Cancer: Obese individuals have a better danger of developing sure cancers, for example; Breast cancer, oesophagal, endometrial, pancreatic, colorectal, kidney, thyroid, gallbladder, and liver cancer.
Sleep disturbances
Coronary Artery Disease
Aesthetic: Obese individuals are not typically appealing.
It has been known that Obesity can lessen your existence expectancy ie your life spam via 13 years mainly in case you are a smoker in addition. So why wouldn’t you start dropping those weights?

What is BMI?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a ratio of an individual’s weight to the character height. There are applicable weights allowed for different heights, above which the character would become overweight.

How do i calculate my BMI?

The Body mass index (BMI) has always been used as the same old dimension to describe obesity. The BMI is calculated as follows;
BMI = weight in kilograms divided by the height in meters squared (kg/m2)

Normal 18.5–25.
Overweight 25–30.
Obese >30.
The risk of complications rises steeply to very severe if BMI >40.

Management of Obesity (How to Lose weight).

The only technique to Obesity is to lose weight. Height is steady and cannot trade in adults after puberty. The health risks of obesity are reversible if there may be the ideal weight loss (e.g. lack of 10% of body weight). This can be executed by using;

Lifestyle modification: inclusive of; Increase bodily hobby as a part of your each day routine (e.g. Its better you chose to walk to school or work instead of riding or entering cabs or shuttles. It’s tough i know, but it’s possible. Change your eating style, (including the scale of your food, avoid snacks)
Weight loss diets: Know that this does not mean starvation. There are diets that are encouraged for weight reduction. You could want to peer a nutritionist/dietician for this.

Drugs: Drug is normally simplest intended for overweight human beings with a very high threat of complications. Know that individuals who keep taking anti-obesity drugs might regain weight with time. Orlistat is the handiest drug currently certified for long-time period use.
Surgery: If all methods above fail, ‘Bariatric’ surgical operation to lessen the scale of the belly is the best long-time period treatment for obesity.

Remember that Obesity is now not attractive, and its time to lose those weights now. Regular sports as a minimum of 30 minutes in step with the day is the key.
You can locate some proper weight reduction app on the google play store that will help you in dropping this weight.



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