Breast Cancer is the most common form of Cancer in a woman. It is the most form of Cancer in Nigeria, followed by Cervical Cancer and Prostate cancer. It is also the most common reason why people die from CancerCancer in Nigeria.

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancers are the call given to Cancer that begins in the breast. If you are questioning what most diseases is, simply consider that the body is a car, with all its components as the organs. Then, out of nowhere, for no reason, the tire of the automobile begins to grow big and boom in size. You attempt deflating the tire, no way. You strive to puncture the tire, and it doesn’t work. Nothing you do was in a position to prevent the tire from growing bigger. – That’s just a summary of the ways most cancers behave. The handiest solution is to take the Tyre out.

Imagine this going on your breast. A small seed-like lump that you felt last month, and think it’s not anything, has all of a sudden, grown to the scale of a palm kernel. Before you understand what’s happening, it’s now the dimensions of an orange.
There are different types of breast cancers, but we wouldn’t be speaking about that today.

What is the cause of Breast Cancer?

There is no single reason for breast cancers. The most critical factor that puts one at risk of getting breast most cancers is Genetics. This approach has a right away relation that had breast cancers (maybe mother, sister, etc.) or a few different kinds of diseases. Its what some humans would say as “It is inside the blood.” That’s simply Genetics.

Other factors that could make one have breast cancer is the Age, No of Pregnancies, If breastfeeding or not, Use of Drugs (in particular contraceptives), etc. These factors are not so nicely understood inside the mechanism through which they cause the disease; for this reason, we would love to here it easy here. You should speak to us in a comment for a higher explanation.

How do I know if I even have Breast Cancer?

There are a few symptoms that you may note for your breast that might recommend you have got Breast cancers. One crucial one, as we have mentioned in advance, is A Lump/mass/swelling inside the breast.
Other signs are mass or ache in your armpit, discharge from your nipples, breast ache, or retraction of your nipple (A nipple that has modified its position or an inverted nipple). You may additionally notice the dimpling of your breast.

What do I do if I notice any of these signs?

As we referred to above earlier, as soon as you be aware any of the following symptoms, specifically a lump/mass for your breast, it’s miles important you book an appointment with your doctor mainly your Gynaecologist to exam and investigate of the lump to determine what it’s for.

What do I do if I even have Breast Cancer?

If breast cancer is shown, your Gynaecologist is going to present you the viable treatment alternatives for you. This depends on the level at which it became found, and that’s why its vital to stumble on it early.
Various treatment alternatives are available, Such as a Lumpectomy (where an incision is made into the breast, and the lump is removed). Still, as we explained with the tires of the auto, the breasts may be eliminated (Mastectomy).
In advanced cases, this by myself, isn’t sufficient. Drugs (chemotherapy) and radiation (Radiotherapy) could also be included in the treatment.
It is a multidisciplinary management.

A Lumpectomy in Progress for Breast Lump Excision

About Mastectomy, You Should understand that:

  1. A breast diseased by cancers is not useful and should be eliminated if necessary.
  2. Breast cancer frequently starts in a single breast but may want to unfold to the opposite breasts.
  3. The earlier a breast diseased by Breast Cancer is removed, the better to save you unfold to the opposite breasts.
  4. If one breast is eliminated and the lady is well, she can still get pregnant and use the other breast for Breastfeeding.

How do I Prevent Breast Cancer?

It is not very easy to prevent breast cancers, mainly if you had a relative that has had breast cancer, because of this which you have a genetic affiliation with it. However, different options for prevention consists of:

1. identify threat elements that could make you increase breast cancers and adjust it or do away with the factors so that the diseases will no longer develop. This includes prophylactic mastectomy (eliminating the breasts even with no tumours yet).
2. Also, Breastfeeding has been proven to have some functional consequences in stopping Breast Cancer.
3. There also are tablets that reduce the occurrence of breast cancer, along with Tamoxifen. However, you should communicate with your Gynaecologist for options on this. You can comment below for a referral to the nearest gynecologist around your area.

Can i Screen for Breast Cancer?

We recommend self-exam for all ladies who have attained puberty (evolved breasts and seeing their month-to-month menstrual flow). You have to, on occasion, press in opposition to your breast and sense it for any signs of lump or swelling. You may want to try this weekly. The purpose is to come across it early.

Mammography: You could do this once every year. The intention is likewise to discover any changes in the breast early sufficient for the best treatment.

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