Diabetes is a common situation among Africans and Nigerians, and it is a primary reason for so many different health situations like hypertension, among others. There are two types of Diabetes. Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetes Insipidus.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is a medical issue whereby there is an increased quantity of sugar inside the blood (called hyperglycemia).

Cause of Diabetes Mellitus

Insulin Production: DM is as a result of a deficiency of insulin (a hormone in the body system that is responsible for the control of sugar). This is authentic for kind two Diabetes.
Insulin is just like the broom and packer of the body. It sweeps and parks sugar out of the blood. So when there is a hassle with this packer, then there might be an excessive amount of sugar within the blood, causing trouble here and there. This is what happens in DM.
Autoimmune: for type 1. Here the body’s immune system destroys the cells that produce the insulin.

Risk Factors for Diabetes Mellitus

Genetics/Family: it runs in families. If a discern has it, there are possibilities that their children can have it. If certainly one of the same twins has it, it’s likely that the other might have it too.
Obesity: The hazard of developing type 2 DM will increase tenfold in overweight humans.
Age: Type 2 DM is especially visible in middle-aged and elderly human beings. Most instances are seen in humans above 45 years of age.
Pregnancy: some pregnant ladies develop DM. In most of them, it is going lower back to normal when they deliver, however for some, it remains.

Symptoms (How to Know) of Diabetes.

Symptoms of DM are:

Increased Thirst: you are always consuming water all of the time. Always feeling thirsty.
Increased Urination: the range of time you typically urinate might increase, especially at night.
Fatigue: you’d be getting tired all of the time. Cause cataracts in them.
Itching: because of infections as a result of Diabetes, they would be itching most of the time. Some people may also gift with pores and skin infections.

How to Test For Diabetes Mellitus

Urine: Using urine dipstick testing.
Blood: either the usage of the glucometer fast testing package or Glycated HB (Hb A1c).
DM is confirmed with the aid of Random blood Sugar higher than two hundred mg/dl or Fasting blood sugar higher than 126 mg/dl.
Fasting is typically done within the morning, at the same time as random can be carried out at any time.

How to Test For Diabetes Mellitus

Blood sugar can be tested using a Glucometer. Image CreditsAFP PHOTO/Noah SEELAM / AFP PHOTO / NOAH SEELAM

Management/Treatment of Diabetes.

Just like hypertension, there may be no permanent treatment for Diabetes. The drugs taken to manage DM are typically taken for life.
If you have got DM, it is essential that you see your doctor in order to determine the great drug for you. Do not take another individual prescription.

The goal of diabetic tablets is to enhance signs and minimize complications. Management processes include:

Lifestyles modification:

modifications, such as taking regular exercise, watching a healthy weight loss plan, decreasing alcohol consumption, and preventing smoking, are necessary but hard for plenty to sustain.

Dietary Modification:

About half of the instances of type 2 DM, can be managed via proper weight-reduction plan manipulate alone. That is, you would not want to take any tablets.
Essential adjustments in the weight-reduction plan would need to be carried out. This could be achieved by a dietician who would educate you at the important meals for diabetics that are available in your area, also listening to your age and lifestyle. The targets are to improve glycaemic manage, manage weight, and keep away from both short and long-term complications.

Oral antidiabetic pills if needed: this will be prescribed via a doctor

Patient education:

at the need to not stop taking their tablets, in addition to on Hypertension and smoking cessation.
Also, Patients requiring insulin need to be well knowledgeable on a way to degree their insulin doses, give their own injections, and regulate the dose relying on glucose monitoring, exercise, illness and hypoglycaemia.
They ought to be enlightened on how to recognize the symptoms of hypoglycaemia and acquire advice about the risks of driving with Diabetes.

Complications of Diabetes (What DM can Cause).

This relies upon the part of the frame that is affected.

Brain: it can cause Stroke (also known as cerebrovascular accident (CVA)
Eye: it could motive Cataracts which, if now not handled, can result in blindness.
Heart: Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), which can purpose a Heart attack.
Blood/Blood vessels: can motive High blood pressure (Hypertension), Infections, and Atherosclerosis.
Kidney: deposits of sugar in the kidneys can lead to Failure
Skin: can cause Ulcers and Infections.
Foot: can cause foot ulcers, tingling sensation at the feet (neuropathy), pain.
Hypoglycemia: due to the remedy of Diabetes, particularly with insulin, it may result in Hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose)

Prevention of Diabetes

This involves modifying the avoidable risk factors such as;
Weight management: A suitable range of humans with kind 2 DM are overweight or obese. See obesity/the way to shed pounds here.

Exercise: Those who have a circle of relatives danger of DM are advised to exercise (e.g., Walking, gardening, swimming, or cycling) at least 30 mins on at least five days of the week.

Alcohol: Alcohol may be taken in moderate amounts if it can’t be stopped completely. Drinks containing alcohol may be reduced to assist in weight reduction.

Let us grow the attention of Diabetes.

Diabetes is Manageable. You can stay a protracted satisfied life if properly controlled

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