Convulsions, also referred to as seizure or epilepsy, are a prevalent medical issue locating in our environment. Most people with this disorder usually are stigmatized or attached some form of spiritual inclination; as this result, they find it hard to come out and seek medical help. This should not be so.
Seizures are clinical disorders that take place due to typical activities in the brain, and they can be managed.

They are more common in children, mainly the ones much less than five years of age. Do not panic when you see a seizure. Simply follow the First aid steps outlined below.


What is Seizure/Convulsions/Epilepsy?

A Seizure or Convulsion is an involuntary disturbance of brain function. When this occurs, it can manifest as;

loss of consciousness: the person might be there watching you but wouldn’t observe what they may be doing.
Abnormal movements: the man or woman would be jerking their hands and feet, uncontrollably.
Autonomic dysfunction: the person can also urinate or skip feces when it occurs.

Convulsion/Epilepsy/Seizure: Causes, Management

Mother calling for Medical help in a child having a seizure. Image credits:  They differ

Seizures (Convulsions) typically takes place suddenly. A person could be standing or sitting, and the next thing, the character might fall, begin jerking, biting their tongues.

Epilepsy: is when the individual has recurrent seizures/convulsions (a couple of in 24 hours).

Causes of Seizures

In Childhood: Seizures in kids can be caused by way of;

Meningitis: Infection of the protection of the brain.
Severe Malaria: while Malaria is left untreated, it can cause convulsions.
Hypoglycemia: this is undoubtedly low blood sugar. It is typically a common cause of why convulsions occur.
Fever: some kids start Convulsion after they develop a fever. This is called Febrile Convulsion. It usually occurs between 6 months to six years of age.
Genetics/Family: a few types of seizures runs inside the family.

Symptoms of Seizure

The main signs and symptoms of seizure are simply an abnormal movement. For newborn babies, it is probably hard to observe because of their relative activity, compared to older children and adults. However, you might notice some bizarre eye or facial movements.
For older kids or adults, you’ll be aware of the whole jerking movement.
For a few others, particularly those between the age of 8-12, you’ll simply notice them staring and gazing for about 5-10 seconds, not knowing what they are doing. This is known as Absence seizure.

There are other varieties of seizures, which include tonic, myoclonic, Tonic-clonic, etc., but we wouldn’t move into those.

First aid for Convulsion (by way of witnesses)

1. Move the individual far from danger (fire, water, vehicles, etc.)
2. Wait for the Convulsion to stop. Don’t do anything. Do not place something inside the mount or head.
3. After the convulsions stop, turn the person to lie on his side. That is, not on his back or his belly, but his side. This would prevent any shape of aspiration that could kill the character.
4. Ensure that nothing is blocking his nostril or throat, but do not forget not to put something inside the mouth. You could say that, “but the person is butting and is set to swallow his tongue.”


Yes, I know. People convulsing would usually bite their tongues, specifically at the start of the Convulsion. It is ordinary and can’t be prevented. Do not place whatever in their mouth, and else you can block it and cause the person to aspirate whatever is coming from their mouth, which could kill them.
5. If the Convulsion retains for greater than 5 minutes without the person regaining consciousness (this is being him/herself back), CALL for pressing clinical attention.
6. The person may be confused for up to 30–60 mins and, consequently, you should not go away or leave the individual alone until they recover. See Video above for a visual description of this First aid.

Treatment of Seizures

First and foremost, it is essential which will understand that epilepsy is prevalent and can be managed. Any person having a seizure is to visit the hospital for proper management.

Other crucial things are;

Lifestyle adjustment: people having seizures should no longer be allowed to do any form of activity that would position them in danger, in particular. In contrast, the seizure starts until they have achieved proper control. Examples are driving, open fires, swimming, climbing heights, etc.
Medications: humans having seizures could be on Anticonvulsant that might be prescribed via their doctor. They include Phenobarbitone, Phenytoin, Carbamazepine, Lamotrigine, Sodium Valproate, amongst others.
These pills shouldn’t be taken without a doctor’s prescription or supervision.
Remember: Seizures can be managed. It isn’t always spiritual.
Continue to spread the message.

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