Convulsion or Seizures, as we recognize, method while there are involuntary movements or actions because of disturbance of brain functions. The causes are numerous.

Today, we would love to share with you some of the wrong matters which we have to stop doing during a Convulsion or seizure and the things that we can do.

Things not to do in a Convulsion/Convulsing Child.

1. Putting spoon/hand/gadgets within the mouth: When you placed a spoon, your hand or any object at all for that matter, in the child’s mouth, to stop the teeth from closing, it can cause the tongue to fall back and block the airway/throat, thereby inflicting Suffocation.
The spoon or object can also motive a tooth to fall out, especially in a baby. The child can inhale it, which can cause choking.
Putting Oil in their mouth: I don’t realize who taught this, but this may make the OilOil go into their lungs, leading to Aspiration, and inflicting breathing difficulties.
Other common mistakes humans make, and which we must not do includes;

Some are using such things as Onions, Cow urine concoction, Mother’s urine, even Palm kernel oil. These are very, very bad, and could purpose more significant harm/injury to the kid.
Some people even think convulsions are Spiritual and making marks over the human’s body or also setting their hands or feet in fire to prevent it.
Please, these kinds of are very, very wrong. YOU SHOULD NOT DO IT. They are all UNNECESSARY and additionally very DEADLY.

The truth is that the convulsion alone can’t kill the child.
What could ultimately kill the kid is the complications that arise from dangerous first-aid practices, accomplished with excellent intentions that our mother and father or persons of old had been practicing.


Many of them could argue.

That it’s been working,
That these movements have helped stored the lifestyles of that child,
That if they haven’t positioned the spoon of arms of their mouths, that they might have swallowed their tongues and died.
But THIS IS NOT TRUE. They have just been lucky. In fact, For each person that it has labored for, there are two men and women there that died as a result of this action.

What you must Know about Convulsions:

The aspect convulsions are that they stop on their own, whether you do something or not.
The only fear that we have with its miles the probable brain damage/harm, which can come from prolonged and frequent seizures, and when there is damage to the brain, it is not reversible. It is permanent.

What you must do During Convulsions

Hence, We advise that,
1. Whenever a toddler is having seizures, even after it has stopped, you need to take them to the health center so that the docs will discover the cause and motive for the seizures, then deal with it. Once treated, a seizure will forestall.
If it’s epilepsy, treatment might be lifelong, to save it for you from recurring.
Don’t live home because it stopped. It might also come again, and every time it occurs, It takes ‘a chunk of the brain’ with it. Consistent, frequent seizures can affect brain feature overtime. So get help. Don’t pamper it.

2. If the convulsions do not stop after 5 minutes, carry the child to the nearest clinic/emergency center. The medical doctors will prevent the seizure immediately and deal with the cause.
While you’re at it, stop each other unnecessary’ first useful resource’; Onions, Mother’s urine, Palm kernel oil, Cow urine, foot roasting over the open fireplace. These children or affected people don’t benefit from all those.

I know it is very frightening to observe a child convulsing. Very very frightening!. However, here’s what can help:

When a child is convulsing:

  • Put off any harmful items around them, so they do not injure themselves with it, because they do not understand what they’re doing.
  • Do not try to stop them when convulsing or keep them.
  • If there is FOAMING in their mouth, sincerely turn them one side, once the convulsions stop, the liquid can go out from the front to prevent them from choking. Don’t put your palms in or any object.
  • If there’s a Fever: Use lukewarm water to mop their frame. Please, do not use cold water.
  • If it lasts more than 5 minutes, as we stated before, go to your hospital/state emergency if you have the means.

CONVULSION: 5 Things you most not do

Don’t introduce something into their mouth, and it’ll do more considerable damage than proper.

Most times, for Children, you arrive at the clinic to find out they have severe malaria, which mother and father have been pampering at home. Once that malaria is treated, the child can be beautiful.

You can learn more about Convulsions/Seizures here.

We realize it’s a frightening episode, that’s why we’re encouraging you to visit the hospital.

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