How to flush out sperm to prevent pregnancy

How to flush out sperm to prevent pregnancy

A lot of girls have been asking, how they may flush away sperm/semen that has entered the body after having unprotected intercourse, or that the Condom broke.

Before we start this discussion, without judging you or your reasons, it is very vital to understand it today that “Unprotected intercourse” for any reason, at all, needs to be avoided.

According to Dr Obasi Chinedu, Pregnancy is the least of your concerns.
There is Human Papilloma Virus: This is a pandemic that causes one of a kind issues like Genital Warts or Cervical Cancer (depending on the type), and this is a significant cause of problem today, specifically for the ladies.
There is Herpes: caused by Herpes simplex virus.
There is HIV: Which, till today, is still known to have no cure.

At all times, please, avoid raw intercourse. Use condoms—barrier protection. Prevention is always better and less expensive than cure.

Now back to the topic of how girls flush out sperm/semen?

We recognize that no longer all intercourse is planned. Sometimes, unplanned intercourse does occur, which finally ends up with the guy liberating his semen into the lady’s body. The majority of unplanned intercourse is usually without condoms, or even people with condoms sometimes have issues, like the condoms breaking or slipping out, leading to semen leaking into the lady’s body.

Some individuals, specifically couples, on the other hand, select direct skin to skin intercourse for the duration of which the man might withdraw before ejaculating. However, occasionally, they fail to do this, after which they face the threat of getting some other baby, which they do not plan.

It is more a hassle of the girls than the guys, as the worry of being pregnant is real. Hence, many ladies, in their way to prevent pregnancy, attempt distinct neighborhood techniques of flushing out sperm from their our bodies right away after intercourse, that they believe is powerful.

What Local Method Have you Heard Used in Preventing pregnancy?

Some of our ladies had shared several local contraception methods that they have attempted or visibly used. Some even say that it helps flush out STDs.

Some of these techniques include;

Some girls use Andrew Liver Salt as the shape of emergency contraceptives.
Some use a drug referred to as Quinine as’ emergency contraceptive.’ Note that Quinine is an antimalarial, used for the treatment of those with Malaria.
Other girls take herbal concoctions or put them into their va.gina to kill any sperm there. It is genuinely, very terrible.
It is using Water (salted, warm or plain) to douche after intercourse. Some also do this to flush out STDs. We don’t know how this works for them.

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Some women Urinate Immediately after intercourse, within the hope to pee out the semen.
Other kinds of stuff used with the aid of women include Lime, Alabukun, Alum, Alcohol (beers), Salt, Antibiotics (e.g., Ampiclox), Soda (7up), Apple Cider, Vinegar, Alomo bitters, Exercise.

Regardless of the approach chosen, there’s no proof to guide or suggest that any of these techniques are powerful in stopping being pregnant. Anyone who may have informed you that the method helped in preventing pregnancy is just through coincidence.
On the alternative hand, these techniques can introduce undesirable infections into your body system that can motive you extra harm.
In easy terms, “You Should Not Do This, It is not active, it does not work. “

How do I Prevent Pregnancy?

As a lady, these three ways can save you from being pregnant.

Prevent front of sperm: This involves the usage of a barrier (A Condom), at some point of intercourse to save you sperm from being deposited inside the body. There is a Male condom & a Female condom. If your man doesn’t like to apply a condom, Please, Use your Female Condom. Remember, Prevention is higher than cure, and as we referred to earlier, there are extra things to be fearful of than mere pregnancy. Things like HPV, HIV, Herpes, etc. We might talk on HPV on some other day.

Prevent fertilization: In this case, the unprotected intercourse has already happened, or the Condom did wreck or slipped off, and you’re afraid that a few semen/sperm would possibly have entered your body. In this case, we could endorse you to get postinor-2. It is an OTC drug offered in maximum Pharmacy in Nigeria.
Does this drug work on the idea that sperm can live alive in a woman’s body for up to five days after intercourse?
Postinor-2 is fine taken within 72 hours after intercourse, (the sooner, the higher), and has a 95% achievement rate of stopping pregnancy.
You have to communicate with your health practitioner for the way to take this.
It is the first-class to be had a method of preventing pregnancy after having any unprotected intercourse or if there was a rape incident or a family that doesn’t need extra children.

Preventing the improvement of Pregnancy (Abortion): At the moment, Abortion is illegal in Nigeria. However, a variety of humans do interact in risky abortions on the arms of quacks, which is very wrong and could lead to colossal bleeding, which could result in death.

Do not be discouraged through the attitudes of chemists or pharmacists, especially religious ones, while you visit buy a condom. Be formidable and call for what you need, because it’s miles on your protection, and that’s what is crucial.

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