Tips on Menstrual Hygiene

Millions of women are ashamed of their monthly visitors. Menstrual Hygiene is essential. They do no longer have a social guide, get the right of entry to supplies/materials/ facilities.

Many ladies during their days in school have skipped 1 to 2 months of classes Just to menstruate. Many girls lose running hours & income because of menses. Girls/women still see their PERIOD in PANDEMIC and the demanding situations are still there.

A Physician at Naijaobgy shares with us those essential guidelines for young girls and ladies on menstrual Hygiene.

You can be a voice on these themes.

  1. Reduce VAT/value of sanitary material
  2. Provide centers for dignified menstruation in schools
  3. Provide women with the guide they want to menstruate thoroughly at work
  4. De-stigmatize periods with the aid of letting both women & boys know higher about it
  5. Teach girls even earlier than they start on Menstrual Hygiene.

Menstrual Hygiene Tips

  1. Take a bath in the morning and evening
  2. Wear neat & dry cotton underwear
  3. Wash with heat water
  4. Don’t use vaginal wash
  5. Wash from the front to back
  6. Change your sanitary serviette often
  7. If using cloths, don’t use it for more than 3months.
  8. Trim, no longer shave the hair around the vulva.
  9. Use only one method of sanitation.
  10. Discard used sanitary napkins properly
  11. Wash hands before & after the change.
  12. Carry 1 or 2 pads on you; a period can show up like a GUEST

On material substances: Not absolutely everyone can manage to buy sanitary pads. It is why there may be a need for government intervention to make sanitary pads less expensive if no longer free. It is because ladies do no longer select if to menstruate or not. It is something that they have to do through the distinctive features of being a female.
Hence, Some people use cloth substances to make pads that they use. It is reusable but needs to be changed every three months to save you infections.

Other critical guidelines at some stage in your Menstrual duration includes;

Exercise: this is critical both throughout & after length.
Stay hydrated: Drink masses of water for the duration of your period. It enables the body to replace the extent of blood loss.
Up your iron intake in addition to inexperienced leafy vegetables: help in the building of red blood cells.
Avoid caffeine (coffee, soda)
Get your sleep, at the least 7hrs of sleep.
Use pain killers as prescribed if having menstrual cramps.
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