Zobo drink is one of the most famous Nigeria’s cocktails.

You have only nothing to lose but so much to gain for taking a relaxing glass of zobo Nigerian drinks.

Zobo drink Recipe

Zobo Drink Benefits

The health advantages are immeasurable, although this depends on the factor you used while making ready it.

In a separate article, I even have written about all the benefits of Zobo Drink.

For starters, it quenches your flavor.

It is one of the maximum healthful Nigerian drinks you could make any day, and The leaves are cheap additionally. I think you could make 2 liters of this drink with just a 1000 Naira.

Do You Like Zobo?

I in no way, in reality, liked zobo until I learned about its dietary values; it’s miles one of these drinks, which is with purely natural elements.
Just just like the fruit juice, you wouldn’t require any synthetic elements or coloring in most cases.

I might personally propose just natural components if you could find them; I use them after I can locate them. Here we are going to do it just the manner Mama Iyabo does it.

Zobo Ingredients


The plate above consists of ginger; approximately three arms of ginger could do. The ginger inset might be sufficient for 5 cups of zobo leaves.

Then the juicy pineapple tastes by way of the side of the plate.

Use only 1/2 teaspoon and upload it while the zobo is boiled and filtered. It might be sufficient to make 2-3 liters of zobo juice drink.

After going through this article, you would have learned the way to make zobo, the famous Nigerian tasty drink.

Zobo Drink

The first time I had a taste of this drink become at Dennis Memorial Grammer School (DMGS) Onitsha, those days in a secondary school; I visited a pal who occurred to come from Yoruba – the high-quality makers of zobo drink.

I can’t say much about the beginning of this drink; however, I know that the Yorubas are the number one producers. I think they even have zobo soup. lolz

Hausa girls also make tasty zobo; the Igbos are merely beginning to find out about this excellent drink.

How to Prepare Zobo

Here is how to make zobo in Nigeria, you’ll study all the components used for making zobo and additionally why I pick this above many other Nigerian drinks. With the wide variety of additives below, you may be capable of producing approximately 3-4 Serving: 8 to 12 persons.

Ingredients For Zobo Drink

  • five-6 cups of dried zobo leaves.
  • Ginger (2-three palms).
  • Two sachets of Joccy’s Pineapple taste.
  • Four liters of water.

The general zobo drink is made with just three ingredients – the zobo leaves, preference of flavor, and ginger. But as you already realize, the zobo has a sugary taste; most people chose to feature few cubes of sugar or simply use jocky’s pineapple flavor, which already includes the needed quantity of sweetener and flavoring.

There are numerous other flavors for making zobo, joccy’s pineapple flavor is considered one of them; you may discover them in any Nigerian market, in particular from those selling the zobo leaves.

How to Make Zobo

Hand-choose, each undesirable substance from the zobo leaves, wash and start and start cooking with approximately three liters of water. Don’t soak earlier than washing; simply pour water, clean, and transfer into the cooking pot.

Cook to boil earlier than adding the ginger, you can pound them to a pulp or grind with a kitchen blender the same way I did mine.

Making zobo

Cook for any other ten to 15 minutes before you flavor the zobo, it may feel sour.

Allow to chill a little, filter, and upload the joccy pineapple flavor that already contained sugar.

You don’t want it too sweet. So add half of a teaspoon and observe. Refrigerate.

That is the way to make zobo; it’s easy, right?

It must taste sweet.

Zobo is one of the famous Nigerian drinks; it is simple to make, generally beneath 30 minutes. Serve chilled with your preferred snack.

Zobo, as a drink, has innumerable health advantages that I can’t even start to mention.

Ginger, which is one of the elements for this famous drink, is known to enhance heart and sight conditions.

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