This method of preparing okra soup is mostly used by the Igbo’s within the southeastern part of Nigeria. It’s served with Fufu, Semolina, Pounded yam, or Eba.


– 15 hands of Okra
– 25g Fresh combined peppers (Tomatoes, chili pink small/big)
– Dried inventory fish and smoked stockfish
– ½ oz or more Crayfish
– 25kg Boiled assorted meat
– 1 ounces Shrimps
– 1 ½ cooking spoon Palm oil
– One medium Onion
– Other seasonings (Maggi and salt)


Step 1 Cook the combined peppers, including three cooking spoons of palm oil for 10 -15mins.
Step 2 Add the boiled meats, Crayfish, locust beans, seasoning, and a few slices of onions. Leave to prepare dinner for 10 minutes and blend the Okra.
Step 3 Add the blended Okra to the mix, do no longer cover, stir, and go away to cook for 15mins.
Step 4 Check if the seasoning is okay, stir, if Okra draws or slips well, it’s ready.
Step 5 Serve with Eba, Fufu, Amala, Pounded yam, and a calming drink.
Tip: If Okra doesn’t draw/slip the first time, upload extra Okra and cook for 10mins

Step one

Boil the goat head meat with 1/4 of potassium salt to make it soften quickly as it takes time to cook, depart for 45 minutes.

Step two

Take every other thick pan and upload a small amount of water, permit to warm, add one cooking spoon of palm oil, add 1/8 of one potassium to melt in the heated pool for thickness, Add highly spiced pounded or dry chili pepper, upload a chunk of dry or smoked Crayfish (optional) and seasoning (Maggi and salt). Heat all collectively for 10 minutes; if too thick, upload bit water. Bring down to cool before adding the beef.

Step three

Check the goat head if adequately cooked and softened; drain out the water and mix the beef alone in the sauce. Step four Rinse and upload Utazi leaf or spinach vegetable leaf and additionally add slices of a bulb of OnionOnion to spice it up

Step four

Serve the Isiewu goat head sauce with a very chilled drink

Note – There need to be enough pepper to avoid being nauseated; you can boil the vegetable for 1min depending on your
the taste however now not compulsory.

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