Goat Meat Barbeque

How To Prepare Goat Meat Barbeque

As is traditional goat meat barbecue. A slice of complete goat meat or part will be used, relying on the need. But an entire goat is
usually cooked for an occasion. It goes nicely with a chilled drink.

– Part or whole 1kg Goat Meat
– Fresh small crimson chili peppers
– One bottle Groundnut oil
– One complete Onion
– Seasoning (Maggi, salt, curry, etc.)
– Water

Step 1 For a whole goat, reduce out the head, the intestine, and the limbs and pierce a thick stick via the anus to the head. Brush kerosene or similar at the goatskin to roast out the hair then installation your barbeque equipment.
Step 2 Make firewood or light up the fish fry beneath the pierced goat. After 15 minutes, take a slight knife and scrape off the burns on the skin. Wash very well with soap and sponge to dispose of the kerosene odor and wash your arms with soap very well.
Step 3 Place the goat on a reducing board. Dissect the goat meat into pieces, and fillet by using removing all of the bones, take a hammer or something healthy to hit the meat to soften. Place content material in a bowl and proceed to step three.
Step 4 Season the beef with Maggi, red chili peppers, onions, garlic, curry, etc. cover the bowl and leave for 10mins.
Step 5 Make a local grill bar outside due to the smoke.
Step 6 Brush the meat with fat or oil, then area on the recent local grill bar to prepare dinner for 45mins, every 20 mins keep
turning the meat from side to facet till well cooked add a little oil to prevent burning.
Step 7 To get pepper soup together with your Asun. After grilling, upload all the meat in a thick pan, add the pounded or sliced pepper with sufficient onions, upload a small amount of water, and stir.
Note –  Do not add any extra seasoning, cover to simmer for 30mins then serve with a very chilled drink.
Instead of grilling, simply season and cook dinner for 45mins.

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