How to Prepare Amala, Gbegiri, Ewedu and Stew

Many Nigerians will agree that this conventional is a especially savoury dish. The combination of Ewedu, Gbegiri and stew paperwork a mouth watering slippery vegetable soup that aids the easy passage of Amala down your oesophagus. I say yummy!


– 300g or four-6 cups Yam Flour(Elubo)
– 100g Beans
– 400g Ewedu vegetable
– 8 0r extra Red pepper
– 10 Small Red Chilli Peppers
– 7 or extra Fresh Tomatoes
– 1 bottle of palm oil
– 20g Locust beans
– ¼ oz Potassium salt
– 450g Beef/Fish
– 200g Snails
– 50g Crayfish
– Maggi/Salt
– Other seasoning


STEP 1 Soak the beans for 30 minutes, get rid of the brown back by way of rubbing between your arms or use any technique you discover convenient then wash thoroughly.
STEP 2 Pour the beans right into a cooking pan, add enough water and a tiny little bit of Potassium salt ( Kanhu) then leave to cook dinner till the beans could be very soft or watery then upload 1 ½ cooking spoon of palm oil.
STEP 3 Add a chunk of chilli pepper, a pinch of salt, Maggi cube, and then marsh the beans together right into a paste till it becomes creamy. This is your Gbegiri. If too thick upload a few water.
STEP 4 Chop or slice, then blend the Ewedu, upload it to a small pot of boiling water with a bit of Potassium salt (Kanhu) to
soften, encompass the locust beans, crayfish and a pinch of salt to flavor. Cook the Ewedu until it feels slippery or draws.
STEP 5 Blend your red peppers, tomatoes and the small chilli peppers with onions to make a stew.
(To make the stew)
i. Add 1 or 2 cooking spoons of palm oil and slice few onions into a thick hot pan, permit to fry for 2-3minutes, then upload the pepper plus a few seasoning (curry, thyme, salt, Maggi, meat, snail).
Ii. Leave all to cook dinner for 10-12 minutes, taste it, if too warm or tasting raw pepper, go away to prepare dinner for similarly 10 minutes.
STEP 6 Add all of the diverse meats, fish and snail. Boil water and put together the yam flour. Sprinkle the yam flour into a
boiling water and stir, till stable or texture is easy. Add a little little bit of water, cover to steam together for five mins and stir round with wood spoon until it will become smooth then make dough. Your Amala should be ready. Serve the stew with the Gbegiri and Ewedu on top, garnish with your choice of meat, snails etc. Sit, relax,
revel in with your preferred drink.

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